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  1. I feel you, I came here because I saw a Great Orb Project script that I ran on 50 accs flawlessly. That's how I got started with TriBot.
  2. Feels great to have been here for 4 years, learned a lot.
  3. Thanks. Swapped 15m OSRS to 1m DMM. Went under 2 minutes. Would recommend.
  4. Can someone make a video of this in action? Looks pretty damn cool.
  5. Nice signature, that's pretty damn epic. This script is probaly the best inexpensive script ever and comes with a whopping 10 hour free trial.
  6. BoT

    2K 07 per 1 second.

    If it was 2m sure!
  7. Got 2 bonds within first 5 minutes for 250k ea! LOL
  8. Yeah I know, I find it quite funny with the responses it's been giving me
  9. Or just enable the autotyper
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