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  1. I'm not going to waste thousands because I don't regret it nor am I bothered there in hidden places therefor It's fine ^^ No one but my fiancee shall see so eh it really doesn't matter to me. Yes their not good quality clearly they're terrible quality for all my other tattoos yes I go to a artist for them this was just doodling messing around and as I stated I actually wrote "TriBot" as a mistake.
  2. Sorry I ended up selling them but I'll have more in stock within today if I have people wishing to buy them!
  3. Oh it's Druid yo man.
  4. I'll sell two @ $2 each add mrwparker on skype.
  5. mrwparker I'll sell a bond for $2.
  6. I'd like to say sorry if this is in the wrong section, please move is so. All the bonds must go in one trade I will only accept paypal or bitcoin as my payment. You must be trusted post your skype
  7. Would you be willing to give me 600k? and I'll double that once I sell a bond?
  8. I already have a tattoo on my penis, and I shall not be doing any more requests. ^^
  9. I actually tattooed this by mistake I was suppose to tattoo another site there but for some reason I tat'd this? - I've never been a member of this site until today and I did this like 3 days ago ^^ ( retarded yes )
  10. I traded my bondes to my other account not realizing after trading once they become "UN-tradeable" I have 23 runescape bondes that are un tradeable
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