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  1. so far so good, 38-51 agil smoothly so far =]
  2. is script working atm or no? would love to buy it but last few comments tell me ask first
  3. Only request is that you have it move the screen or just click on the air alter instead of clicking on minimap, just doesn't look right and i would have never done it while rcing or any one else seeing its right there. Other then that tho its a great script have it running at fires with duely rings now and its working great =]
  4. Family,work,rs,bud

  5. It all comes down to trail and error, i am a lucky one. I have had great luck over the years. not all was botted but i wouldnt say most was by hand either. working on 07 account now, dont want to post things about that account seems like they takes bans not so lightly on 07, i do over nighters all the time but always break and also make sure script works properly. and dont bot highest gp/h or fastest exp possible those are always high ban rates, use something that will bring in money and xp but not to much of either
  6. i have probably given away over 200m through out my 9 years in runescape not including a few more 100m to friends who lost shit staking and what not, i do it because i find it fun. I remember when i was a new player and people would fake drop parties and it would suck but the joy and fun when people would drop good stuff was great. I love to give that feeling to people now that i can. I wouldn't call someone an idiot because they dont need to have money to be happy, i call the people who need money to be happy idiots.
  7. Idk what every one is talking about, i have client set to 1024 mb, no lag no problems not getting stuck. I've ran it over night (light breaks) 3 times now but didn't save the proggy, here is a quick one. Ill post a 5 hour one sometime tomorrow. This is also with 3/4 pieces of the outfit high 60s mining, witch ALL of the gold i got was from this script. also i have gotten over 20 lvls so far using this script (low 40s - high 60s no ban so far aiming for 99 XD just not all at once)
  8. Thanks for the info =], guess ill just have to mage here for a day instead of range =], working good on my pure so far, only problem i see is sometimes it goes for loot after attacking something, so while in combat it will unsafe spot for looks and ill get hit. Nothing major it fixes after it gets loot, but does waste food
  9. Buying script now, will post a proggy some time in the next day or so, hope its as pure friendly as you say =] edit: will it low aclh?yes my mage lvl sucks..also if i set alch to lets say 5k will it alch a d med along with half?or just rune items?
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