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  1. what's the tick combo to eat in f2p and p2p? F2p: pizza and swordfish, is there a tut?
  2. for F2p is it swordfish and anchovy pizza? P2P is it monkfish and cooked kam?
  3. ay bruh this script top of the line. left this on progressive mode suicide pickpocketing and woke up to 53 thieving lmfao. DT comin soon
  4. None of them have stronghold banking as a preset. I have all the premium AIO fighters
  5. I have 1 Pray and I'd like to keep it like that for now. Flesh crawlers at strength is easy 60-80k an hour. I'm willing to pay hefty for flesh crawlers. bot
  6. I actually have them all. I have no idea how to set up the banking.
  7. Rock crabs are too slo xp for my 1 def pure , I need a script where I can use V tabs to bank and use str pots, need to run back to stronghold and answer questions correctly. Will pay a good price for a good script.
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