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  1. A few years ago this forum was booming. Most of the people that used to do big farms left for one reason because it wasn't worth their investment and time. I don't think the banrate has any effect on the prices of gold removing zulrah will have far more effect as most legit players now make enough gold and dont even need to buy any.
  2. The banrate is high I have gotten most of my accounts banned in the lower levels or just after starting but some made it till lvl 80.
  3. No you most likely do not qualify for a refund as you've payd for the script's lifetime and that's up to the scripter to decide when to stop supporting his script.
  4. I think you defenitly should disable randoms in the abyss becouse bot is dying rediculously much.
  5. He figured if you'd be crazy enough to pay 15 you'd be crazy enough to pay 25 wait untill he figures you're crazy enough to pay 50.
  6. Watch your language it contributes nothing to this thread or this community as a whole.
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