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  1. Hey Bud shoot me a pm whenever you can! https://gyazo.com/f55714ceb1132cbf6ac2179441a18169

    1. swagg


      Hey, my inbox is full and i cba remove messages, feel free to add me on discord though Plox#4208

  2. Just stun and curse if I'm not incorrect. Could however relatively easily check through the source and add support for other curse spells if you have scripted before.
  3. Try restart the client and when the script stops check the bot debug (bottom of the tribot window)
  4. not necessary useless for goldfarming if mobile botting would prove to have significantly lower banrates, which would be possible
  5. google.com google.com google.com
  6. I don't think they are targetting real world trading from the duel arena thing, it suggested that they did target real world trading looking on the chapter title but the text say that they more are trying to get rid off x:ers (odd stakers) which is a good thing for us botters as plenty of gp sales comes from odd staking
  7. nope, not really looking to add any features
  8. Not quite sure what you mean but if you're referring to script arguments then no, it's not supported, you need to fill out the options every time you start the script
  9. if I recall correctly I got 99 magic waay back in the day (2009-10 ish maybe) using autoclicker on high alch, should be very easy for jagex to spot auto clickers but they might not target/ban people using it as it's mainly used by "legit" players and not goldfarmers
  10. swagg

    agility+ alch?

    Of course, if I recall correctly I think alching is already supported in some existing agility scripts on the tribot repo, check them out and see
  11. Why android app and not a normal computer application? If it could be an computer application written in Java or C# I'm interested, if so shoot me a pm with your discord tag
  12. Up to you but I'd recommend to bot 12 hours max per day if you care about the account
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