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  1. doesnt use special attack, will pick up power surge then just afk's
  2. nipz7000

    Basic Motherlode

    sorry for the late reply, you could have the bot to mine maybe just one inventory in another area if there is other people there or just to throw off people around (bots nearly always mine in the same area). you need to get the bot to keep going the path its chosen. say its going to deposit ore, while mining fallen rocks to get to the sack, A player on the other end of the mine removes the fallen rock it will change its path And go that way by the time it gets to where the fallen rock has been cleared by the other player the rock has fallen again And it will run back And start clearing the path it had originally chosen ( so it runs back And fourth confusing the bot) i have no clue if u get what i'm saying but ill try to record it.
  3. nipz7000

    Basic Motherlode

    in the western area of the mine mine it will only mine the area which is blocked by the falling rocks.
  4. nipz7000

    Basic Motherlode

    keeps clicking the other side of the wall to mine (runs back and fourth), will repair wheel half way through mining, only supports one area for me in the west. its hit and miss sometimes it works perfect and then sometimes its just shit.
  5. keeps saying maximum instances has been passed i have only used this on one account. And sub ends in may.
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