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  1. I haven't personally tried macchanger with OSRS but if you do use it, make sure you aren't generating a new, random IP every time you bot. That's not human-like and will flag Jagex's attention.
  2. I agree with @Crimson, there is a high probability that Jagex will see right through this "loophole" and ban your account outright. Definitely do not do this with the intention of appealing the ban and using the excuse that these were all "real friends". The ban is likely to be un-appealable.
  3. I agree with the other posts here. Keep releasing free, open-source scripts and get as much feedback as possible. If you're looking to improve a certain feature of your scripts (e.g. anti-ban), then I recommend studying the other open-source scripts on Tribot that have implemented that feature. If you feel that you're ready to take your skills to the next level, try submitting a Scripter application.
  4. @Rolling hard if you've been banned using a proxy then I wouldn't worry about it affecting your regular IP. Best practice is to not only bot on a new proxy but also make the account using the proxy.
  5. @astrosinfinity it depends on how long you do it for and the anti-ban built into the bot. Look at the premium bots that fit that description, and make sure they have ABC2 Level 10 compliance.
  6. @MilkyWay The client is not detectable. Otherwise, every account not using LG would receive an instant ban. This has never been the case.
  7. I really doubt they do this. The majority of their antiban is based off data heuristics, i.e. the millions of mouse movements they can analyze every day to separate the bots from the real players. The data of the 80k+ player base is their biggest advantage over us, as they can analyze things like mouse movements, fatigue rates, play times, etc.
  8. Cool guide, I hope beginners start implementing more proper debugging techniques. I used to TA comp classes in college and there were never shortages of commented out "System.out.println" / "printf" in the students' code.
  9. I'd go for 70 def DH pure. Those builds are pretty powerful.
  10. DeriveSoHard


    Make sure you're buying from a reputable source - many vendors sell proxies that have already been flagged.
  11. Meaning you're using a VPS/proxy and want to know if Jagex can still detect your home IP through the proxy? That is way, way too much work for Jagex. So, no, they will not.
  12. Start looking at some of the tutorials posted by the community: https://tribot.org/forums/forum/43-scripting-tutorials/
  13. DeriveSoHard

    Welp. Got banned

    Such is the ruthless cycle of botting. Still beats actually playing the game, imo. We all have better things to do than click the same pixels thousands of times.
  14. Do quests before you start botting (I get around 80 qp before I bot even once) and I'd recommend training combat via NMZ. I've gotten 3 maxed combat accounts from botting NMZ, no bans.
  15. Nice guide, very thorough and in-depth for beginners. You recognize that Antiban is arguably one of the most difficult concepts for beginners to grasp and I would encourage you to make another guide on Antiban, with more detail.
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