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  1. Tried out all of your suggestions and nothing helped ;/. Still getting the same error
  2. Keep getting "no module-info.java found" error at tribot startup Tried to reinstall java, tribot, delete all temp folders. Nothing helped.
  3. Been busy irl for the last 4-5 months, but the account is still not banned and currently I am trying to reach 99 mining: Also, going for 99 thieving on another account:
  4. Thats nice, I have plans on creating a fresh lvl 3 and try to bot 2k total on it. Because the account in video is only around 50 perrcent botted
  5. thats nice man, fully botted?
  6. Hi, planning to do a series on my goal to 2000 total. Week 1: 99 Fletching achieved Week 2: Will update this every weekend.
  7. Took me around 3 weeks. A lot of people were asking about my breaking set up, so I'll upload another video today explaining my whole set up
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