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    Earned alot cash with staking, and now it's for sale<3

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  1. Bumppppp Just won another 100M! It's for sale
  2. @[email protected] Yes he confirmed, take a look at this screenshot:
  3. Thread title MUST contain the Scammer's username,Ex: [Cycle] Scammed me 5M OSRS goldScammer's Username: CycleLink to Scammer's TriBot Profile: https://tribot.org/forums/profile/201628-cycle/Chat/Discussion Methods: Skype & Tribot PMChat Username(If Applicable)*: itscycleDescribe in detail in your words what happened: So we we're doing increments, because he wouldn't go first and I hadn't vouches.Evidence**: Other: Skype chat: [15-04-16 02:17:56] Cycle: hey saw you on tribot, still selling gold? [15-04-16 20:10:33] Cycle: Please add me as a contact [15-04-16 20:10:
  4. BEST PRICE EVERYWHERE! 1.25$/M All fees on me Payment Methods Paypal & iDEAL How does it work? 1. Add me on Skype 2. Confirm your Skype with Tribot forums (Private messege) 3. Pay for the amount of cash you want 4. Meet ingame and get your gold General I know that I am not that trusted on forums, but I am on Tribot since March 2013! So that's why I am selling at this low price to get vouches and to show I am really trusted! If you are trusted I will go first. I will always confirm on Tribot forums. High purchases
  5. If you are still buying some gold, I am selling alot 500M+, pm me on skype "urbenxx"
  6. urbenx


    Add me on skype "urbenxx"
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