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  1. Did you get baned mate? I can tell you how to not get baned.
  2. Completed a quest for me, doing more fairly soon. Thanks! +1
  3. Can you close this topic, I've had contact with paypal
  4. Eventhough it's a known method, that doesn't mean I'm just going to tell you where I'm goldfarming so everybody can do so.
  5. Like the title says. I'm searching for a private scripter available today who can make me a script for a method that's known. I have this script already but the problem is the scripter won't update it and just ignores for weeks, so I need a reliable one please Skype : ireloadi
  6. Awesome script, only problems are that the mouse speed should be increased for the banking part. Also it prioritizes drinking a potion over eating a shark when low HP.
  7. Name of order ( Powerlevelling, Questing, Minigaming ) : Powerleveling + probably quests What order : Agility 32-56 Price of the order : Did you add my Skype : yes Do you accept my TOS [Yes/No] :yes
  8. He has done loads of services for me aswell, he also bought gp from me legit. I don't see him as the scamming type, he's friendly and I talk to him almost daily. Not to sure what to think about this but I'd say he'd made a huge mistake or was 'hacked' ^ . GL
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