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  1. They cancelled this project. I already asked them about it. There will be no tribot mobile.
  2. R.I.P Tribot, Gonna be a massive Revenue decline ! Never bite the hand that feeds you.
  3. Can you make this support small pouches? Also are the progress reports above with or without breaks?
  4. how many hours did you run this script for before breaking may I ask?
  5. Alright thanks, I should be able to test it soon.
  6. Has the pollnivneach been added? Theres no mention of it in the list of rooftop courses support on page 1.
  7. Did you need an account for it? I don't have 90 agility yet, but I can lend you my account when I get it.
  8. Can you clarify, how you tried to purposely get banned? Did you run it 24 hours a day nonstop for a week with ZERO Breaks?
  9. Any chance you can make the script support 99 crafting skill cape? It would reduce the teleport needed from ring of duelling by half.
  10. All the posts on your profile are fakes. Lmao. Scripter using a newly registered tribot account to give other sciripters good reviews.
  11. At the moment your script drops all the seeds except ranarr and snapdragon. Is it possible to have an option for 99 thieving to choose what seeds we want dropped instead of dropping all the seeds except for ranarr/Snapdragon? The wiki page below countains all the possible seeds of master farmer pickpocketing https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Master_Farmer
  12. Your script doesn't seem to support binding necklace, which is supposed to effectively double the xp/hr. I'm only getting 11k xp/hr
  13. Can you make this script support draynor master farmer?
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