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  1. anyone else noticing the price of black and red chins dropping? What is going on? People sell at market prices god dammit. 800k less profit today >.>
  2. how are the bans coming along with this script? Anyone? I am tempted to use, but kind of scared as I heard friend of mine got caught through LG for 150 hour non stop. Of course this is alot, but how they heck did they catch him if script just AFK. how were they able to make sure it was a bot? cant a dedicated person come back every 6 hrs and check? @swagg
  3. That is also an awesome idea i wish this was written
  4. @daxmagex As well from the other recently reported things. I have seen it get stuck clicking lumbridge stairs as depicted in this video http://gyazo.com/d1cd713e7f3ef81fae8f3716fe1f7332
  5. I just saw it not accept game's necklace (1) as a supply and shutting the script. I have about 22 of them http://gyazo.com/8085510e70103440226165009afe01cd http://gyazo.com/bdb3b3b6a0c41cd838e5a72ab64ceab3 Another common error: http://gyazo.com/5e4d6f79293cf03bf4c1aa9bb87c4d8a This is the most common error that stops the bot ^ and the bank at the time of occurence
  6. Hmm, anyone having problems with banking at darks? Sometimes it says there are not enough supplies and stops script but the bank is full of supplies
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