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    sames, just wait for a fix
  2. Running Java 10.0.2, says I need 7.0? ETA on update?
  3. How can I hire a Venezuelan to play my account while im at work? This isnt a meme I'm legit interested, Ill pay more than green dragons
  4. Is it only LG or just the tribot client? Ill try thanks
  5. Anyone having the issue with Looking Glass where your client logs you out for breaks but wont log you back in? Checked my login name/password and its correct, tried with and without remember username Just cant get it to log back in when the break is over
  6. Thanks, I use it and a bit of After Effects. The main thing I use is Sony Vegas but not many people need videos edited on here
  7. Stuff I've done: imgur.com/a/kmYqP
  8. Out of DMM, can't delete this post for some reason
  9. Current stock: 2700k DMM Swapping to 07 1:10 Ill go first if you have feedback 100k min
  10. DMM Guthan spear for sale for OSRS GP
  11. 1:15 Currently have 1075k Ill go first if you have feedback
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