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  1. Excellent script! Flawless so far
  2. The script is currently heavily outdated, so please consider this when trying to use the script. I hope to find some time the following weeks to bring it to an acceptable level.
  3. The script certainly has not been abandoned. However, I am currently not able to lool into the issue you are mentioning, because I'm currently on vacation until the 20th of June. I'm sorry for the inconveniences and am happy to refund your purchase if you would like, as temporary solution.
  4. Hi, I'm sorry for the late response. I'm currently dealing with some stuff IRL, which currently causes me to focus on those things for about 100%. I'm terribly sorry for my late response and the inconvenience that it has caused you. I've refunded your purchase. I hope to revise the state of my current scripts asap and fix them where necessary.
  5. The functionality to retrieve hosts is highly experimental, since it will only work if people say the host phrases in a certain form. So it is recommended not to use this feature. The ABC2 delays are sometimes very long to imitate a user doing something else. These delays are calculated by the TRiBot API and I am obligated to offer this feature. Turning the delays of will use delays that are pseudo-random between certain intervals.
  6. What does it do or does the paint say when it is 'stuck'? I need a bit more info in order to trace the reason of its behaviour.
  7. Nice idea for a script. Just tried it. However, it just seems to drink Stamina pots at the start of the script. Then bank again and repeat the stamina drinking. Seems like the setting id for stamina's has changed.
  8. That's weird. You tried restarting your client and removing your hooks.dat file in your tribot folder?
  9. Yes, that would be possible. I will put it on the list for a next release. This is usually due to the client not being able to find an altar. If it keeps happening, restart the client. Also, removing your hooks.dat in your %appdata%/roaming/.tribot folder will probably solve your issue, in case that keeps happening.
  10. The script is updated and should be working again. The issue was an updated interface ID of the friends join option.
  11. I am sorry, no this is not supported. I haven't updated the image shown on the front page in a while. Thanks for pointing it out tho, I will remove it. If this functionality is the reason you bought the script, I'll refund your purchase.
  12. Thanks for the screenshot. It appeared that standing on that line of tiles made the method Banking#isInBank() return false. It's updated now.
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