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  1. Pm Me. You will xfer the gold first.
  2. interested...pls let me try this out
  3. its quite apparent that tacoman is not contactable since even support has not even posted any updated. Just gota wait i guess
  4. would a vps with 8 vCPU and 6 GB RAM be sufficient to run this script?
  5. News thats makes my panty wet :)...btw when u say holidays u mean xmas holidays or halloween?
  6. been here for years..not going anywhere..Taco has done alot of great work. The script has given me and others more than we can ask for. Thanks Taco!
  7. any1 experiencing an abnormal rate of being disabled recently? it seems like no matter what i do my accnts just keep dropping like flies.
  8. Hi, So i have had a spare Azure VM lying around. So this is what i did. Created RS account manual. Did tut island manualy (thru tribot client) Each and everytime after tut island, it gets auto logged out and account locked. Used 3 different IP's. Most of the threads here says, just unlock the account. What i realized is this. When i had previous locked accounts and unlocked them, i could bot maybe for a week and then boom! i get hit with a perm ban. So i am wondering, if after tut island + account locked = Flagged IP = confirm incoming ban? Also, would an IP be unflagged eventually?
  9. Not sure about you guys...but i just use an actual mule. Works 99.9% of the time.
  10. @TacoManStan are you saying the starting script without GUI is working? last time i tried i think it doesn't start with the correct options file i think
  11. Script works fine. I've been using it for more than a year and so have many others. Join the discord and help will be available.
  12. I get banned almost every 2 weeks as well so its normal. As long as you bot there is a chance of ban. Sometimes you lasts a day sometimes a month. You can practice better botting techniques to reduce the ban rates tho.
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