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  1. Does the calc take into consideration that for example: 91 is a dds maxhit and the next dds maxhit is at 97 which means that the strenght levels in between are useless? Does your script take that into consideration?
  2. Does anyone have great success with this bot? Lots of profit? How accurate is the calculator? Is the bot stable? Supporting Looking Glass? If a guy puts up armadyl crossbow, ranging boots & items in general will the bot then calculate the price of them and then put up? Thanks a ton man
  3. Wouldn't recommend high banrate. And really eager to get a lot of orders.
  4. I have added u on skype, tried to get in contact with you. But u are never online.
  5. When you guys get banned, do you login to the account then get disconnected 4 seconds later?
  6. Banned 2 days by using this for 4 days around 10-15 hours a day on main. Just started botting on it. Now this is getting wierd. I think tribot client is flagged :/
  7. Thanks for your input man. Yeah, I think I'll also have to use Boston tutorials, or read an educational book about it. Already watched quite a few of those boston tuts, and they were actually quite good.
  8. I've always been interrested in learning code. I'm so tired of being that leecher who is just using everyone elses script, and can't make anything himself. Not being able to contribute with anything. I now wanna take the step, and start learning. Maybe one day, I will hopefully be able to give back to the community. What I'm looking for is a script code to analyze and learn from. Then modify to try adding some new stuff to it. I think reading books about Java is also a great way to get started, and I'll also do this. Heres a few questions, that I would LOVE if you answered. 1.Di
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