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  1. Old School hardly utilizes your gpu. The runescape client written in java uses mostly the cpu so it's best to just to invest in more RAM and have a beast processor
  2. For 1 & 3 I have fixes to be pushed soon. #2 I can take a look into it, but the logic is there to use your planks if there is no take to sawmill x option #4. You don't have to wait for that option, if you don't collect the planks the butler will automatically store them in the bank
  3. bDueler (The most advanced staking script) Development Thread Motivation Currently there is no staking script available publicly besides Assume's staker, which has stopped receiving support with the addition of the Duel Arena's massive update. Although odds staking is dead, this script aims to fill in those gaps left to those who wish to achieve slim staking odds and target the casual Max Mainer who wishes to automate their duels or even a gold farmer who is looking to mule through the Duel arena instead of trading. Planned Core Features: Odds percentage minimum threshold & calculator: IN PROGRESS Staking amount (minimum, maximum, average): COMPLETED Auto Chat support: COMPLETED Configurable Duel options: COMPLETED Boxing Whip (Abyssal, Tentacle) DDS (w/ customization for primary weapon) Dscim Adding scammers to the ignore list: COMPLETED Blacklisting equipped or inventory items (Zamorakian Hasta, Ham Joint, Gharzi Rapier, Blade of Saledeor): COMPLETED Tentacle whip checking & recharging: COMPLETED Banking and converting Coins <-> Platinum Tokens: COMPLETED Profit Tracking after Arena Tax: COMPLETED Support for Coins & Platinum Tokens: COMPLETED Muling support: NOT STARTED Tick HP Regeneration: NOT STARTED Interactive GUI: IN PROGRESS Script Arguments: IN PROGRESS Dynamic Signatures: IN PROGRESS Style Switching: IN PROGRESS BETA: looking for beta testers soon!
  4. It's a yes from me. You have shown you can write complex scripts while following great coding practices as well as an good understanding of the Tribot API.
  5. The API has been public on my Github which is linked above since i've made this thread
  6. This is BIG NEWS. I can't wait
  7. Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been quite busy lately and will to push a new release ASAP
  8. Suggestions: I would avoid writing all of this in one script as mentioned above. Also when checking booleans, you can just do this instead. if (hasClickedJugOfWater == false) => if (!hasClickingJugOfWater) // false if (hasClickedJugOfWater == true) => if (hasClickedJugOfWater) // true Also, when you are accessing an index in array, make sure you check that it's not out of bounds. Also avoid capitalizing names unless they are classes. grapes = Inventory.find("Grapes"); if (grapes.length > 0) { grapes[0].click(); } Make sure when you are accessing values you check they are not null first (interfaces) Keep doing Your naming conventions are very detailed and make the code easier to read. Great job! You are pulling out logic into functions that do specific tasks. You can improve this by making functions do only one specific thing!
  9. @RicardoC8 Could you please post the console or a snippet of the bot running?
  10. Per request: will be adding a high efficiency option to disregard antiban reactions and make more planks per hour. This will be out by this weekend
  11. This is default built into the client
  12. Release 2.15 Features: CLI Arguments have now been implemented. Check front thread post for usage. Bug fixes Fixed an issue with not detecting "Staff of air" Fixed an issue where the script continuously opens bank when out of money Enjoy
  13. The script should end if you run out of gp. The reason why it only gets 4k is because of antiban reaction times. I can add a feature in the future to ignore this and go for maximum efficiency over antiban
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