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  1. Hello, can you make a discord ticket for us to review?
  2. Hello, That script is fully supported by the admin team at Tribot, though it is no longer receiving feature updates. We do not refund for bans, as per our posted refund policy: https://tribot.org/policies/refund-policy Thank you.
  3. Hello, You were not banned for pointing out a dysfunctional script. Here is a summary of what lead to the decision: Consistent, unactionable, and redundant complaints about Tribot's store. Complaints about other scripters and their support options. Needlessly poor attitude about the state of our free scripts. Spamming in your support tickets. Poor attitude towards the mod team even before your ban. Persisting these behaviors and attitudes despite multiple warnings. While none of these are strictly ban-worthy alone, the repeated behavior has demonstr
  4. Sometimes, for whatever reason, the dropping will be interrupted and the bot will proceed as if the that's the "end" and sleep accordingly (think of it like a real player needing to do something in real life in the middle of dropping). Once it picks back up, it decides it's better to chop to full rather than drop half an inventory. This is intended behavior, but it is weird that it happens enough for you to really notice. And yes, it's intended to change dropping patterns.
  5. The fill method was definitely meant for non-stackable items and for there to only be 1. Using Amount.range(1, Integer.MAX_VALUE) is what you want for stackable items. The only difference between "fill" and that range is that "fill" specifically means "withdraw everything else and then fill the remaining inventory with X". It makes no sense for there to be multiple fills. I won't close this, however, as it hints that I might need to tweak the builder a bit to be clearer/easier.
  6. This is intended. The task will not pull items from your equipment to satisfy inventory requirements. It's assumed that you set an equipment slot to "any" (which is default), that the item you have there is what you want there and it will not change it under any circumstances. Set your arrows as an equipment item with the amount you want. It will properly equip them. If you want them in your inventory, explicitly set the arrow slot to be "empty" and it should unequip the arrow before checking to withdraw it for the inventory. I see no reason why you need to have 1 arrow
  7. The bank filter won't try to interact with bank objects outside of 15 tiles. If you're that close to the unreachable bank, not closer to other banks, and call this method, then I'm not sure why we'd make it assume you didn't want to attempt to interact with that bank. I could add in a check that the bank is reachable with daxwalker's local pathfinding but it'd probably be easier for the script to just only call this method when it's appropriate. Edit: Thought you were talking about the new SDK... As for this method, it has a search radius of 50 tiles. I'm no
  8. Overview Behavior Trees are a way of expressing AI logic in a modular and expressive way. They are often used in video game engines for game AI development. While they are often used alongside a visual scripting tool, such as Unreal's Blueprint system, they adapt well to Tribot scripting as a means to organize your code and keep things decoupled yet cohesive. This tutorial assumes that you already know: How to set up your development environment Intermediate Kotlin (lambda functions will be used a lot) Basic scripting knowledge with Tribot's SDK For this tutoria
  9. Try uninstalling tribot and reinstalling it via this link: https://tribot-updates.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/tribot-splash/v1.2.0/TribotInstaller.dmg
  10. No, the target selector is meant to be used as a whole to select a target. We don't want to expose how it achieves that functionality. Remember, anything we make public can never, ever be changed again and we don't want to commit to doing that with this method.
  11. I added a fix. Should be in the next update.
  12. We have 1, 2 and 4. Check out the BankEquipment and BankSettings classes
  13. Looking at AccurateMouse's source code, it seems that this could only happen if the tile doesn't have a "Walk here" option. Is that the case? I'm not sure why Dax chose to do it like this, since if the Clickable is an RSTile without that option, it will always nullptr.
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