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  1. Nullable

    LG LAG

    LG is usually not the most stable feature, but here are some tips: Once the client hooks, minimize the "host client" (OpenOSRS, OSBuddy) and don't bring it up again Try using OSBuddy instead of OpenOSRS Windows 10 is the most stable with LG Set paint delay as 0 Maybe try using Lite mode in the tribot settings
  2. 12.0.19 API changes: Added a generic caching mechanism (ScriptCache) that allows caching objects for the lifetime of the script Added "Bank Chest-wreck" as a new bank to the Banking.openBank() method New libraries: JDistLib - For generating reliable and thread safe pseudo-random numbers using various distributions JFreeChart - Java Swing graphing library. Useful for visualizing your random number generation algorithms Updated the Kotlin library to 1.5.10 Updated OkHTTP to 4.9.0 Re-enabled Jetpack Compose and updated
  3. Einstein had no right to tell you that he would support the script for as long as you'll use it. I'm sorry that happened, but scripts are sold in finite durations for a reason. Script support lasts for as long as your subscription duration. No more, no less. You cannot receive a refund for a purchase made 6+ months ago. Again, I'm sorry Einstein told you something that wasn't true. Denied.
  4. Currently, the CLI will use the settings you've saved in the GUI prior. So if you enable OpenGL via the GUI, the next time you use CLI, it will be on. I plan on adding CLI overrides eventually, though.
  5. Tribot friend does not want to open my load and then it does not appear anymore. only with vpn can I open it please help....

  6. You can use the --fulldebug argument to see the output of tribot itself to see why it's crashing. Go ahead and do that and let me know the output. Note: you don't want to regularly use that command. It will keep the launcher processes alive.
  7. You aren't allowed to have multiple tribot accounts.
  8. I apologize for the issues. Our login provider had an outage earlier today but it seems to be okay now. Are you still having issues logging into the client?
  9. As some of you may know, we've been developing a new launcher for a while now. While the Gradle Launcher we introduced last year solved many of the problems with the previous launcher, it introduced quite a few more. Therefore, we set out to do another iteration of the tribot launcher where no corners are cut. Today I'm announcing a beta release of this launcher that you can use right now if you wish. This will serve as a good alternative to users who have been experiencing issues with the Gradle Launcher as well as those who want to help us as we cross the finish line on the full release
  10. There's a moderate possibility I might release some premium scripts in the coming months. Suggestions welcome.
  11. There's probably a way somehow but external libraries don't work for repo scripts so it's not something that I'm really going to look into to figure out.
  12. Are you able to run any scripts? Which installer did you use for tribot? Also, what version of MacOS are you running?
  13. We are aware and looking into it.
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