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  1. There's probably a way somehow but external libraries don't work for repo scripts so it's not something that I'm really going to look into to figure out.
  2. Are you able to run any scripts? Which installer did you use for tribot? Also, what version of MacOS are you running?
  3. We are aware and looking into it.
  4. All we needed was that order number. Thank you, your refund has been issued.
  5. I'm sorry but I haven't tested anything on Fossil island with the script. Theoretically, if the walker supports both the area and shortcut, it's possible that the custom area feature of this script could support that. But it's not very likely.
  6. This is huge news and a bittersweet moment for myself. Tribot obviously wouldn't be what it is without you, Trilez. The majority of my programming skills developed from script writing here while I was in high school and college. Even coming back as a dev I learn new things all the time. While I'm excited to play an even bigger role in progressing Tribot, it's still a sad day. I can't thank you enough for your impact on the OSRS botting community. I've seen your passion for AI and blockchain and I think you're capable of really doing something cool with those technologies. Keep us
  7. The documentation is outdated. We have it on our list to update it. Currently Tribot only supports LG: For OSBuddy (Jar version) on Windows only For OpenOSRS (Jar version) Runlite is not supported. If you're using OpenOSRS, make sure to download the JAR file. When you want to run it, select "Looking Glass (OpenOSRS)". It will prompt you to choose a file. Choose the Jar file for OpenOSRS that you downloaded. After that, Tribot will auto-launch OpenOSRS and connect to it. For OSBuddy, download and run the Jar launcher with java 8. Then connect to it via Tribot's "New
  8. Was awesome working with you, Fluffee. Can't thank you enough for your contributions here. Hopefully we'll still see you here and there on the discord
  9. I will post comments with further review if necessary, but ultimately I cannot say yes to a scripter application with no GUI examples.
  10. Tribot Gradle Plugin Update 1.0.6: Compiled using Java 8 for optimal compatibility
  11. IntelliJ will often default to your Java HOME variable for gradle, even if your project structure uses another version. You can check by going to File > Settings > Build, Execution Deployment > Build Tools > Gradle and finding the option for Use Gradle From: and ensuring that is set to the same SDK as your project structure.
  12. Hello, The gradle plugin was built using Java JDK 15, so that's what it requires in order to use it. However, I should have compiled it with a lower version so that it works for any JDK. I will fix this tomorrow. If you want to fix it sooner, use JDK 15 for development.
  13. Update: The templates no longer explicitly have dependencies on included tribot libraries like "gson" and "guava". As of tribot 12.0.1-rc5, those dependencies are transitive, meaning the script gets them automatically. I added allatori annotations to the templates so that you can use them in your scripts and so that DaxWalker compiles
  14. Hello Everyone, Recently, I created a couple gradle project templates that can be used to start scripting with Tribot 12. Features: Automatically uses the latest tribot JAR. No config needed. Has automated tasks for: Compiling script to the .tribot/bin folder Deleting the bin Packaging your script as a .zip for repository upload Has a run configuration for debugging your script in Tribot. Prerequisites: At least know what Gradle is IntelliJ IDEA An understand of how scripting for Tribot already works
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