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  1. doggie47

    Basic Miner

    I don't really need the script anymore already got the levels I needed from it, could you refund or maybe 14 days on your woodcutting script?
  2. hey @Laniax is there a way you can support hosted ardy knights? Its right next to the bank, and the cc is always "thievinghost" for the world, idm if it auto logs if the knight isn't there anymore.
  3. doggie47

    Basic Miner

    Used it for about an hour and my main issue is that it doesn't drop gems, it mines coal on accident and doesn't drop it and it got stuck twice using "use" on the iron ore and then tries to mine the rock... @Einstein Edit; Impossible to run without babysitting, it somehow doesn't shift drop and then clicks on the iron ore and tries to mine while using a iron ore, happens every 2-5 minutes now
  4. Hey, Not sure what happend since I wasn't there, but I ran the script fine for a few hours and woke up to this,supplies are more then enough and withdrawing / getting worked fine. It used a few PPots / overload when I logged in.
  5. Great script, got 4 accounts 83 contruction so far, used abc2 on 0.15 still felt "slow" compared to a real human, but thats your own risk
  6. only does one crab for me a time, still drinks/eats and renews aggro. Last update did seem to break the banking, hovers over it doesn't click it. @Mute could you look into this?
  7. i've masturbated 9 times since the apocalypse
  8. @Starfox everytime I try to make wines the scripts ends after 100-200 wines, when I re-start it goes into bank and starts flicking withdrawing grapes and crashes...
  9. So many questions such little detail, But no, there are no scripts that will NOT get you banned.
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