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  1. Hi, is there someone able to do a Emblem farming script, Where there would be accounts being the killers and other being the hunted...pm me for more infos Thanks alot
  2. Sir what are your pc specs just curious, Because i can barely run more than 10 bots on mine: i7 4770k,16gb ram 2300mhz ...
  3. Hey sir, Nice guide btw I just have a question, I can ony run up to 10 bots on my build is it normal? do you run your bots on windows or linux? if linux do u know somewhere that could help me setup my linux to bot? Here's my specs: CPU: i7 4770k 4.0ghz RAM: 16Gb (2x 8Gb) 2300Mhz POWER: EVGA 80+Gold 1000W GRAPHICS: GTX770 Classified .... So How can't I run more bots? :/
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