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  1. PM me. 1.5M DMS gp to 07 swap We will work out rate.
  2. Atm I can buy 10k but it would grow 25% from day to day. So tomorrow I can buy 12.5K and so on.
  3. PM RSN : 604presters Skype : Stan Tkachenko MCP Minimum bulk of 500+
  4. no i believe you guys, that's why im not doing it. I just wanted to know about the mobile authenticator and what it does.
  5. guys seriously tho, the dude gave me the username and pass and I have been able to log in all i want. He had to go for a few hours and said he'll be back if I still want to buy it. I mean what unlegit guy would do that? Cause I can log on the account and get him banned purposely for example... Why would he let me have login info so that I could check out his account and leave me with it until he gets back hours later?
  6. guys also, he's given me login details and i was able to check out the account, see ban meter, and everything. he has the authentication disable, so if i get it and enable it, doesn't that block him from every getting it back without the code from my phone?
  7. i really can't use player auctions because i'm not paying cash, right?
  8. dang. so there's no way. i've introduced a payout plan to the user, what do you think if he accepts? MM would hold on to gp for a month. Seller of the account would get 25% at purchase, 25% a week later, and 50% a month later. I figured that way i could try and make some money on that maxed account and transfer my profits throughout so that I don't lose it. No?
  9. yea everyone keeps saying that. What's the longest time before acc can be recovered?
  10. I've had my run at bots... and got my share of bans. I'm not dedicated enough to run a farm, so I just want to buy an account, since all of mine are banned now... My own fault, i don't blame anyone or any script. I don't want to start all over. I feel like I've found a good deal on sythe.org. What is the most safe method of getting it? What do I look out for? I would have a vouched middleman from sythe.
  11. Old school client not loading for me... Gets stuck on the "Starting Client" screen. New school client works just fine... Finally figured out that needed Java 8. Works great so far.
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