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  1. Because a few users asked me to post on this board as well, here goes nothing. Intro Have you ever encountered any of the following: Your parents shut down your PC while you were botting? You left your PC running in your room, but you couldn't sleep because it was too noisy? You wanted to check up on your bots, but you're not at home? You want to run a lot of bots, but your PC can't handle it? You got perm banned, and wanted to say you were hacked? ... If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, I have some excellent advice for you: BUY A VPS "Easier said then done.", you might say. While that is true, I'm here to help you out, so be sure to check out the plans below. Services offered Setup service What is this? You already have a VPS server bought from the provider of your choosing, and just want me to do the setup. What is included? Installation of the Linux distribution Installation and setup of desktop environment Installation of remote desktop service Installation of correct Java versions Installation of desired / required bots Instructions on how to update installed bots. How much does it cost? This will cost you $5 / 10M RS3 / 2M 07. Server Management What is this? This is the same as as the setup service above, but I will also maintain the server for you. What is included? Same as above Daily management (security checks, updates to installed software, updates to bots) Support in case of issues with connectivity, ... How much does it cost? The first month is $5 / 10M RS3 / 2M 07, after it's $2.5 / 5M RS3 / 1M 07 per month. Full Server What is this? You don't have to worry about picking a VPS provider, I will do all the work for you. What is included? Same as above I will order the right VPS server for you after a small talk I will do all communication towards the VPS hosting provider in case of problems that I cannot resolve myself (hardware related) How much does it cost? The first month is $10, after it's $9 per month. Contact So you have decided to go on and buy the setup service / management service? Or you just want more information? Contact me on Skype: pb_pauwelz
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