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  1. I'm a near maxed zerker 98 str 75 attack 91 hp. Getting last level in strength. 52 prayer. Aiming for highest XP/Hr. 1: I'm assuming Rumble on Hard, right? 2. How big is the difference in XP using monkfish vs using pray pots? 3. I currently have 16 (1) OLs in bank, will the bot use them and keep buying them and using them or should I just skip OLs? 4. Should I just be doing protection prayers and nothing else with 52 pray? 5. Powerups, should I just do them all or like none of them? 6. Spec weapon, I hear granite maul is best if im training strength? Thanks
  2. Depetrify

    Ban question

    See all of mine have been temp first. I'm botting high level accounts not random little gold farming accounts though.
  3. I have 52 prayer, 89 HP, and 91 ranged. Looking for a place to get 99 range. A place that is botting supported that won't cost too much. Is NMZ viable at all? I'd like it to be quite an afkable place and im willing to put a decent amount of money in to it.
  4. Depetrify

    Ban question

    If I have an expired botting ban from 2010. I have an 07 character that I want to bot now. If I get banned will it still be temporary first time? I plan on botting at range with chins
  5. Only time I've seen it break is when the mugger killed me and when it just sits there AFK after random events.
  6. Actually could a memory leak even attribute to a CPU problem? I don't know
  7. Sup. I'm botting 4 accounts on TriBot. 2 Accounts on 1 VirtualBox running Windows 7 32 bit and 2 accounts on the other. I have 1.5GB RAM allocated to each. (which should be more than enough since the max heap is not even close to that). Both are connected to their own high speed VPN. CPU usage is always pretty high, sometimes even around 100%, and it will run for an hour being relatively choppy but fine for botting. Anywhere around 50 minutes to an hour and a half in everything will become unplayable until I reopen TriBot. To me its like there is a TriBot memory leak or something, but I've tried with multiple different scripts and there aren't many big complaints about it.,. so I guess its a VirtualBox problem. During all of this my physical CPU is doing fine, with none of the cores even near 100%.. even though both of the VirtualBoxes are set to use 1 core.. which doesn't make much sense to me. I have Hardware Virtualization ( or whatever its called) enabled in bios, so thats not the problem. I've tried having 2 separate TriBot instances open in each VB, and just 1. Using either 256 or 512 max heap. I have lite mode, paint delay up, all of the FPS saving stuff enabled. Does anyone have any ideas or see a glaring problem? Or idea for just different software to virtualize with? Some specs.. should be more than enough... 4GB GTX 680 i7 3770k 32GB RAM
  8. Waterfall and Rune Mysteries are flawless, did them both on 4 new level 3's. I hope many more quests are added soon! I understand how difficult it must be though
  9. Takes a super long time to resume mining after gaining a mining level. edit: option to disable paint or hide it would be great, too
  10. Depetrify


    Has a ton of trouble talking to Fred the farmer for Sheep Shearer every time. was also trying to shear a sheep outside the pen for a while and looking like an idiot.
  11. For some reason client won't download the script but it will download any others..
  12. Bury bones if big bones or above option or something like that would be awesome. All I am using a dscim and I'm telling it ti spec with a dds but its not retrieving my DDS from bank? Also is it best to have auto retaliate on or off? PS: Does anyone have their loot table file that they can share? I want to loot like everything worth anything over a few k, and everything that stacks. Now if there was an option to just loot everything worth > x that would be awesome... Looting seems a bit screwed up for me. The loot will be on the ground thats next to me and it just kind of sits there next to it, doesn't loot anything or attack anything... just sits there for like 30 - 60 seconds then starts fighting again? This is happening in particular when im looting blood runes from bloodvelds and I already have 10 in my inventory. edit: stopped using prayer pots and this stopped happening?
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