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  1. Mouse Data Xmouse_data-13278-1429211636526.dat
  2. Well this just got me a bot busting ban so I guess until Tribot is fixed I wont be using it.
  3. Few things I've noticed since buying: If you use a Sara Godsword + Whip / Defender, doesn't re-equip defender after speccingConstantly leaves spec and doesn't use it at 50% I can't seem to run it for more than 3-4hrs at a time. Bit disappointing, very nice script other than that though.
  4. Doesn't seem to fish at edgeville correctly. Just walks in between the two trees and stays there.
  5. Maybe you should QQ more, He clearly states in his main post that you should test the loader before contacting him, if you're going to ignore the instructions you should expect nothing less than what he said to you.
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