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  1. any suggestions for a good stat setup on this bot? Like what i should train my att-str-def to? Also, any tutorials on setting up the settings in general to get a great proggie like those multi-millionaires?
  2. @awesomeo I sincerely apologize about that! We have been having issues with our live chat the past 2 days but I am happy to announce that it is now solved! I am very sorry for the inconvenience, and I have PMed you To anyone who was ignored in the que for our live chat I'd like to offer you a special discount of 10% on your next purchase. Just let me know via the live chat or our skype and we will get it resolved. Thanks everyone!
  3. We just started advertising on tribot. We are asking our old customers to come and vouch for us, but none have responded yet But we are completely legit, and have never had any accounts banned during our service. I do understand suspicion due to lack of vouchers, so hopefully some of our old customers will come through, if not, we'll just have to get the few people on tribot willing to do it without vouchers, and then we can build our reputation
  4. Power Leveling Services for: - Runescape 3 - Runescape 2007 - Global Maplestory (not really applicable here, but hey ) http://www.NinjaLeveling.com Check it out! NEW PROMOTION! - FREE LEVELS! We understand that you may want to see more vouches before you buy from us, so we are starting a limited time offer promotion! Starting Thursday, July 31st, you can get any 5 levels (up to level 50) free for your skill! No purchase required - This is our gift to you! If you like our service, feel free to purchase a full power leveling service. If you'd rather not
  5. Thanks, I actually did start using zybez
  6. Hey if you could add food/eating integration, that would be awesome, because i use this to train my low level combat, otherwise awesome!
  7. How many bonds do you need:10 What is your Skype:ninja.powerleveling Do you agree the ToS:yes
  8. Like I said, buyiing rune hatchet in RS07, name your price
  9. Hey you still buying yews? skype me tyler.a.reynolds if you are cuz I'm looking to sell in bulk regularly
  10. Buying a Rune Scimitar and a Dragon Dagger Super Poison (DDS) in OSRS (Runescape 2007), name your price paypal or RS GP pm me or reply here, or add my on skype tyler.a.reynolds
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