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  1. I'm done go ahead ban me whatsoever. Atleast I can leave with my head up high. I'd like to thank all my customers for all the trades. It's sad got to end like this but guess that's the way it is. He did a solid job got to give him that.
  2. I need to think about this, clear my head. What is estimated time you can give me and would a split payment program be optional
  3. if the pictures were taken right after the trade, how come he had to scroll up to take a picture? he traded belgor to know which items he is gonna give and bought them in GE and traded his friend to get the notification "trade accepted" went back to the spot and scrolled up the chat as you can see there is only 1 white dot on the second picture on the 1.pic we cant see time stamps
  4. bellic

    Buying 07 scape gp

    "bellic.pb" is my skype
  5. skype "bellic.pb" i'm sure we can make this work
  6. bellic

    buying 115m 07

    Skype me for cheapest rate "bellic.pb"
  7. bellic

    Selling 300m 07

    skype me "bellic.pb"
  8. skype me "bellic.pb" if price is discussable
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