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  1. And how is that not a goldfarming script? A gold farmers dream is to do less and make more, 1-63 hunter lvler is to op to be public there is already to many people at red chins.
  2. No so if he is not bullshiting then my tribot account can have been compromised
  3. Why care about leechers? More people in youre private world less attention to youre bot farm, only youre workers get attention
  4. Proxy foxy? I dont even know how to use proxies "safe" for things like that, I only use socks 5 for botting
  5. What are you talking about, I let mods check my account, Its two ways this could have happend, 1 you are just bullshitng all this, 2. Someone hacked my account. I changed my password yesterday just to be safe, ( So if it is option 2 we just have to wait for mod to check ip logs to confirm that it was not me that was in trade with you.
  6. Man you are full of shit, in that picture i already had -1 that you gave me, and you are telling me that picture is from now.. Please get some mods in here to sort this kid out, Tierd of his bullshit scam report @Usa @TRiLeZ @J M C @Mat @Montreal
  7. Profile of user: @ik_own_ziek Date: 2015-09-05Feedback left: -1Why should it be removed: He says I scammed him on 35m on a deal i did nto even know was happening, Like I never ask to buy gold from him and yesterday when i logged on he posted a scamm report see here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/55452-elaatl-the-bawler-that-needs-35m-asap/#entry635348 Then left false feedback. The skype in his "proof" is not even mine people that i have sold to that have my skype knows thats not my skype in the picture, the paypal account is allso not mine. You guys can check ip logs and everything I can pro
  8. The ip logs will not me mine, I just skype reolved that guys skype that you said was mine and it has a different ip then mine so.. good luck with this
  9. Where did i pm you from? https://gyazo.com/a70c8e223523150f3aaa0ff21c1a7dd8 ? I dont see any in my invo
  10. EHM.. WTF is going on? thats not me on skype... So someone used my tribot profile to scam someone
  11. Sorr but you sound like a retard dont even try to use this script if you dont have no clue what it is about, Go read the front page for information or even trial the script.
  12. @erickho123 Can you please fix the ingame hopper, It just spams the same world when it tries to hopworld :/
  13. No clue if this problem is causing my bot to spam worldhop to the world iam alreayd in but this should be an option for sure
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