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  1. Another 99 on a fresh account, great script. Would still love to see the brazier fixing fixed, averaged around 0,7 fixes/h on 50-99
  2. A follow up on this: bot is currently averaging like 1 fix per hour which seems really low. Looks like the fixing only works when you are starting to use the logs/kindlings on the brazier, but not when if it breaks in the middle of the inventory. If the brazier breaks middle of the inventory just goes to hover the it and only starts clicking to light the brazier. Can't 100% confirm this tho because conditions are pretty random.
  3. @Encoded This problem seems to be relevant again. Fixing the brazier seems to be really delayed and bot is missing a lot of the possible fixes. This obviously is extremely minor thing, but would love to see it fixed.
  4. Script seems to automatically terminate itself when cat grows to overgrown. Could this be removed?
  5. Fixing brazier is atleast semi-working for me but its extremely slow. Currently getting like 1 fix/hour so might want to look into it.
  6. I think my results from Falador were before the zoom update. Havent been there after that so maybe it got fixed there. Also noticed that the selling bug at Agility Pyramid happens consistently when you have only 1 pyramid in your inventory. If you have more the selling works.
  7. Seems like there is an extra delay that happens after the "Human like reaction time". This often happens when the bot is supposed to go up the stairs to the next level at Agility pyramid. The delay is mainly just few seconds but I feel like those do really add up when there is multiple of them per lap. Not sure if this is ABC delays related? Also something else I noticed is that the bot sometimes get stuck when selling pyramids at Agility pyramid.
  8. Some feedback on agility pyramid: Gets stuck here extremely often, happened before todays update and still happens with the current zoom. (This is the SE corner)
  9. How many would you like to buy: 8 Skype: added Do you agree to the ToS: y Edit: Bought the credits, took less than 5min, good seller
  10. I am not creating multiple accounts from the same IP and that it not my issue to begin with. Uh thanks for the sellout but I do have my own dedi and proxies. And no I have no interest running TriBot with 150 seperate accounts. Seems like I'm still not making my point clear enough and I'm sorry for that. My original problem was that when I load up the my clients the first 10 clients load 100% normally, but the 11th goes totally black when it attemps to load the game. This seems to be cause by error_game_js5connect which I assume indicates that Jagex blocks me from loading up more instances at that point. What I'm curious about is that is this based on ip address and if it's not can I save some proxies by bypassing this with some other method. For example I tested OSBuddy and it seems to allow the 11th connection without a problem so seems bit odd if its based on ip.
  11. Creating accounts from different ip's or using proxies aren't a problem. What I'm asking is the client limitation based on ip and can it be bypassed by proxy or maybe by something else? Also my original post might be bit misleading. I have no problem creating the accounts, my problem is running multiple botclients.
  12. Was expanding my farm a bit and found out that 10th client opened normally but 11th just went black and didn't load runescape. I would be really grateful if someone got a method to bypass this limitiation. I'm also curious if its based on ip or computer in case someone got information about that.
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