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  1. Are fangs the same drop rate? I've gotten 5 magic fangs and 1 tanz...... D:
  2. I accidently set a password for this, and i dont know how to remove it again, and i cant remember the password i put for it? Any help on how to remove it?
  3. There are these 2 http://gyazo.com/18689f28944d5adbdcdc9b9510a95529 Bot debug and client debug, i'm not sure which one Druid means, but there should be an error message on one of them
  4. Why are you on a botting site???????????
  5. Could you post on the thread when it's ready again? Cuz im not sure when you wrote this, and we have completly different time zones, and i'll gladly try the script and inform you any error encounters.
  6. Checking task doesnt work either, it just says "Default" even though it checks the gem like 5 times. Any guesstimate on how long updating is going to take?
  7. I havent cut down botting, still going 16 hours a day, only on 1 account though.
  8. Does this have to be manually updated or are we waiting for Trilez?
  9. Script isnt working, it jsut stands and spin the screen. When u start it at Ape Atoll it just takes prot melee on and chucks prayer pots after 4 prayer points used. + It just spams randoms enabled in log
  10. How long do you use the bot everyday, and how many accs have you had banned so far?
  11. MADSCT

    Any bans recently?

    I guess, i'm just lucky for not getting banned, and unlucky for getting streaked in staking lel.
  12. MADSCT

    Any bans recently?

    Go to your account details on the website, there you can check it
  13. So guys, i'm not sure if Jagex is teasing me or what. I've botted so much recently on my account (14-18 hours a day) and i havent gotten banned or jack shit, but when i staked i've gotten so massive lose streaks everytime i went to the duel arena, idk if i'm paronoid and lucky not to be banned or what the fuck lol. Did anyone get banned recently to call off my shit, not including gold farmers.
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