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  1. Hey, could add the feature, that when it runs out of runes/arrows (ammunition) during range/mage, it logs out. thanks
  2. Yes, wasn't the title and body enough to indicate that? plus, most VPS'es are Linux based for performance/efficiency. Any solution to get the Client starter running with it?
  3. Hi, I recently tried a Linux based Windows GUI VPS, and upon using the Client starter, the new client did not launch as it should (after loading settings then pressing run), got this in the debug http://prntscr.com/dzri3c How do i make it work? thanks
  4. Even I can sell you 5, lmk.
  5. That's quite the build I was looking for and best for my wallet, also, I had a question, which has been asked numerous time, but I'll ask again,lol AMD or Intel? Thanks bud! I run my farms on VPS, so for me that would be an overkill, thanks doe.
  6. Alright, then could you guys suggest me a build that can run upto 10 bots? budget can stretch upto 700-800 USD.
  7. Hey, I've reduced number of bots running simultaneously to 4-6, could you suggest a build now? thanks
  8. Hi there dudes, I'm currently using a Macbook Pro early 2013 with Windows 10 bootcamp to bot (noob,i know), plus a decent VPS for my bot farm. I'm keen on buying a PC which will -Run 6 bots maximum, without any hassle. -I DO NOT game at all, so just require it for botting runescape only. -It will eventually be used as a simple home computer to skype and what not, by my parents. my budget is 400 USD with a max of 500 USD. Please give recommendations, again, I do not need a fancy one, just to bot 4-6 bots at a time, that's pretty much it. Thanks and Cheers! Also, the above budget is strictly for CPU, minus Screen and other hardware.
  9. I found this quite helpful, plus it was quite interesting to read, Looking forward to future updates! Thank you again
  10. Hey, I'm looking for a private scripter. Please add me on skype, buddysingh94 Thank you.
  11. add me on skype buddysingh94 i have a couple of orders needing completion
  12. Hey, the script has been good so far, But i've encountered a bug when banking ores (coal) in Grand tree, http://prntscr.com/6cgd3s At times it gets stuck at this spot,trying to click the coal w/o pushing the roots before, thus,getting stuck endlessly.
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