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  1. Seems like everything i owned has been compromised (Skype/Tribot/Runescape account) not my paypal tho or skrill. This will be refunded, the funny thing is that ive scanned my computer for viruses and none came up, if a mod could check what ip my tribot acc has been logged onto that would be great. the fun thing is that i bought gold from leespiker around 2 hour prior to this incident i believe *This will be refunded *I take full responsibility for this happening. *Contact me via pm please,
  2. 99 Herblore

    89-99 fishing

    @iArrow i can do this how much are u thinking to pay?
  3. 99 Herblore

    selling 25m

    im intrested, skrill works for me
  4. Sooo, just a quick introduction. my name is Hampus i'm 18 years old and i'm from sweden. Ive played runescape for bout 10 years or so now i just play when i got time "_" I work as a waiter at a fine dining resturant aswell as a bartender, Well not much more to say Rate me on a 11/10
  5. Price: we can discuss this Skill(s): range and hunter You provide materials for range?: nope Approximate Time Needed: no idea atm.
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