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  1. Thats literally only because the lead anticheat guy left, bans are light atm.
  2. A car and a tbow, all you really need in life tbf
  3. Ive bought only enough auths to last me until my accounts bonds run out.
  4. Now you have to pay 1 dollar to "trial" a script, oh and theres also no refunds anymore lul
  5. youll need a virtual penis negator
  6. VPN will get you banned faster than not using a vpn
  7. Now instead of fair pricings, you get mostly okay priced auths if you buy only one, and slightly higher but still manageable prices if you buy 100+ auths. As far as people who bot for a hobby instead of trying to only level one account OR be a good farmer, you kinda get screwed. I did the math on the updated prices of the few current scripts I use, and if I never ever got a single ban, and don't include the price of my server or VIP, I'd make about 50$ a month. Include bans, vip, server, new prices (which accounts for the bulk discounts) and yeah.
  8. Not really a fan of it. Most good scripts already have everything bundled into them that they need
  9. you have to post the thread before uploading to the repo
  10. He wants to use proxifier instead of paying 2$ more for VIP
  11. Please allow users to upload their own scripts and /hide/ them so nobody else can add them. I probably have like 15 scripts that I have on the repo for personal use that fluffee had has to hide. As far as a review.system would go it would probably be a good idea to track the users runetime if possible(like with steam), we always have people who go I ran this script for 30 minutes and got banned and then you check their runtime and they suicided for 24h straight
  12. Same, I have the updated launcher but tribots just not usable now
  13. When I originally botted 99 Agility on my pure I only did 45 mins - 2 hours a day
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