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  1. 2-6 hours per a day. I use my own custom AFK timings. I customized all the settings that were possible to change so my account sticks out differently
  2. I have used this script every day for the last 25 days with no issues am nearly 90 agility with the pet
  3. Just bumping the thread and showing some love. I've always loved your script, had a pure that I used your miner and agility on for 99 in both, never got the agility pet before, now im runnng a new account through and was blessed with the pet. Been doing long hours per day with no issues. You're the man.
  4. Tivia


    Awesome! I had an idea .. kind of like this that I had started theorycrafting and wrote a lil bit of basic code for (basically just handling camera changes for when things were in different locations in different worlds and giving them time to sync up but I realized the project was a bit much for me. Honestly can't wait to see this script improve and progress as theres a lot of crazy stuff you can do with multiboxing. Great work
  5. You'll probably do better without one
  6. It's really not that close to impossible, my account got to 1800 total on a shit proxy Really it's a lot of experimenting with scripts to find which ones are reliable and you can leave for hours on end.
  7. yeah thats why i prefer it personally, just take a screenshot and press control v on discord
  8. It technically could if needed, maybe ill add an argument for it to use the plow for the entire way to 100 even though that would take a really long time
  9. Oh crap, I actually forgot to make those buttons do anything I had them as placeholders for a simple gui and then never used them. Ill fix that. Thanks for the feedback
  10. just out of curiosity did you have this happen when writing your construction script as well? with mine I had it hovering over the building spot i wasn't interacting with quite often when building chairs lol
  11. Most of the bots you see are privately purchased. I don't believe there is currently a public one available
  12. I literally change none of the settings except barrel restocking, load my inventory, and press start
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