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  1. find someone who can set up a vps for you because that process is a bitch and a half
  2. works great, very fast. thank you.
  3. i agree 100% with this
  4. and btw, the script not being able to handle randoms is not client problem, client solves randoms just fine then your script does not continue to run after, i am currently using 3 other scripts and yours is the only one that i have ever had this problem with i added you on skype and would like a refund this is a joke
  5. 2 hour proggy for you guys ! http://gyazo.com/0b1c327807a046167ccf83d3b784ccd8
  6. honestly this script should not even be on the market for sale i can't believe i just bought this never regretted getting a script and ive bought 20+
  7. oh my god dude i cant even stand using this script im training myself now.. it cant even handle being in a random event after a random it will afk for 10 hours if i dont re start the script
  8. just bought this super excited but after a random event happens does not continue the script just sits and does nothing in same spot, also wanted to note that thieving men suicide style works just fine but everything else that i have tryed will not work at all no stalls no normal farmer no banking support, a major reason i purchased this script is so i could get an easy 1-38 before farmers. Was really excited to purchase this script because i have used alot of yours in the past and to be honest so far im super disappointed. Rather then features to thieve from any NPC in the game and stuff you should just make a mode were it is 100% stable and gets 1-38. I would buy many more auths. Really hope the master farmers work well since nothing else other then men is seeming to work for me. cant trust leaving this script alone for 3 minutes without baby sitting. would really like some fixes or a refund http://gyazo.com/83fedd43c87e7dcb5383d97495e4e79a http://gyazo.com/5b731a916688fe0c97687bae7a7bfd90 really needs alot of work cant even handle a random event, i would NOT suggest that anyone buys this script until it is fixed because everything that it has been advertised as does not work at all for me.
  9. Hi im looking to either make a new account or change my name on this account. I know most of these sites get angry with you or ban you for creating multiple accounts on one computer so i thought i'd ask you all before doing it.
  10. its accually right in varrock where you buy runes (and teleport to the rune ess place) im not sure how to get around that to be honest but i ran the script on a few accounts and twice it kind of trapped the mugger on its own
  11. just bought this, going so well so far with rune myseteries but on each account i get owned by the mugger level 6 and dies so i have to help it by the mugger but i guess thats my fault for being level 3 (mugger that camps outside of the rune shop)
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