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  1. DON'T BUY AS OF NOW!! Sand crabs resetting aggro is bugged. It just runs around and then logs out. Do not buy the bot as of right now. + The owner of the bot has not been active on discord for like 5 days. Do not recommend this bot! As the bot performs now in sand crabs, likely gonna get you banned.
  2. Aha I see. When will this be finished though? I bought v2 yesterday, when will v3 be official ?
  3. Hi, with this new save data function. Does it simply record the way you play your laps and then just randomly picks one of them? And does it do the EXACT same thing as you did or does it customize your data a bit and then takes from it ?
  4. Hi, I am wondering if the spyglass function would work on an identical to osrs server like Zenyte for example. It also uses a runelite like function. Is anyone here willing to try it please? And if it works I'l buy VIP. That would be amazing. I only want it to kill npcs, loot, bank and eat.. Anyone know if this would work? Here is a picture of how the server looks.
  5. Hello, I am currently learning java. I have gotten quite far with java and I think it is time to start learning how to make scripts. Where do I even begin? It feels like there should be a complete guide somewhere now. Appreciate all help that is given
  6. Hi, I am going to start learning how to make bots. Would it be okay to use Tribot for my personal use, like to create my own uniqe scripts and mainly use them for myself. I do not intend on releasing what I create. Is tribot an open system like that? So I can use it the way I chose? Or do I need someones confirmation before I can start making scripts for my own personal use?
  7. Hey guys, I think I'm gonna start making bots. I am taking a java course now. I am just wondering how do you test your bots? Like do you make a new account, buy member and test it out until it gets banned ? Do you have like a private server where you can test the bot or something ?
  8. I can confirm what some people are saying, I came back and my account was also logged out without a message. Could you take a look dude ? Thank you.
  9. Hey I wanna buy 15 credits, I'm paying in rsgold.
  10. I had these break times and just left it on with it.
  11. The best thing about Laniax (script maker) is that he is active on discord and if you find something wrong he fixes it within 1-2 days sometimes withing hours. So it's really amazing that way. I did 99 thieving with it and it was messy at some points so i told Laniax and he always fixed it. By now it should be very stable. So try it dude. Try the 5 hours trial
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