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  1. my numbers could be off, which I think they are. but, I think a high cost is from prayer pots and tele-ports. and I just factored that in.
  2. finally after making +75m my account got banned. still pleasantly surprised with how long it took (roughly 2 months of 24/7 botting) and it was only temporary ban OMEGALUL
  3. easily one of the best scripts around. way better than Nex Barrows from Dreambot
  4. I was. I left it on overnight and when I woke up I had about 5 items. I cant recall tbh. I did get really lucky. Also got dmed haha
  5. this script is incredible. I average about an item an hour. I have made 25m in 2 days with it. (resources are the only expensive part). way better than the Dreambot barrows script
  6. I was inside one of the tombs, after l came back and logged in my player was just standing there.. not sure if connected but strangely it was because I had no bolts usable for ranged because after I switched from range to melee of ahrim the script ran good lol
  7. pretty far to the left yes. also now getting an error saying animation failsafe and then the script ends
  8. its not bad.. I used the trial. however what I found: kind of slow in the chest room. my bot opened the chest but since auto retaliate was off it just stood there while the brother attacked and I lost prayer and eventually lost all my prayer and started losing HP. Some of the other progress reports looked way better than mine. Opened 5 chests in 1hr with Min requirements. gained probably 50k profit without rare drops
  9. cool I might look into this thanks for the reply
  10. is the script stable to run overnight?
  11. im just resetting the script now.. but for whatever reason it experienced issues with world-switching, has been logging in and out of random worlds for over an hour
  12. posts about freezing are correct. thank goodness I just used the trial script. safe spot below bank freezes
  13. my bot gets stuck on "walking to *location* green drag" edit : was because I had firewall OFF... really upset about I need this on..... because a new prompt comes up every 5 seconds and bot times out after not clicking on some 2nd edit : read instructions on page 1... seems to work okay now. hopefully can post progress report when I wake up
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