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  1. make a fungi script, it makes like 750k / hr, not sure why no one makes em
  2. WHen I bot with a premium script , I can't bot over 2 hours because of the limitation, which is dumb. what's the point of buying a premium script lmao?
  3. yeah, im so dumb I start a script and select a Rellekka Crabs Pro. & Shows me a tribot limit, I'm doing something wrong. Yeaaaaaaaaa
  4. Ok First, No scripts at all are being made, there outdated espesically the ones that have been bought. Ive bought the RELLEKKA Crabs Pro a few months ago and its outdated, and i only got to use it for 2-3 hours because of the limit. The limit states that you CANNOT bot over 3 hrs in this many days on a FREE script, it doesn't say anything about PREMIUM script. If you bought a premium script you should be able to bot unlimited amount of hours and not be limited? I understand that if you use free scripts you can get a limit, but not if you are using a premium script?
  5. Tribot seems to be dead, no script writers are coding scripts. Scripts that have been bought are outdated, etc. There has to be something to do to get most of the players back, maybe taking off the time limit, or giving free VIP for a week.
  6. wats the point of buying scripts than? If you need vip.?
  7. King of W301

    Time limit

    Free users can only not a certain time on free scripts but I'm using a premium one and still get timed and can't start a script. Fix please? When I click start script it shows that I used my free time up but I'm using a premium script?
  8. http://gyazo.com/a9b598fe9c31b2d9eaf279bd26875e64 script ends here.
  9. The script does not click "sure i'll give it a go." & gets stuck right here. http://gyazo.com/f853b23d3fb20c6d962e8832fded5a4c
  10. Bought bond, trade went fast and smoothly.
  11. Does it have antiban? I really need antiban, I keep on getting constantly banned on every new account I make. I'm using a VPN, I register with a VPN. Made around 16 accounts and still..
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