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  1. #leftoutofquotes

    Also if it is a premium script you can run it 24/7. If you can't then you're doing something wrong. New scripts are being made, like @Usa 's dragon script which is free to use right now. If you buy a script, make sure its from someone who is active in the community. TRiBot doesn't hire people to constantly create scripts and sell them, hence why a few months down the road if the scripters becomes inactive, so does the script.

    Learn to read before posting junk like this, you will save us all some hassle. If you have issues about a script and want to dispute it, make a dispute and go from there.

    If you want to bot freely without limitation, open that wee wallet of yours and buy VIP.

    For any other issues PM @TRiLeZ or @Usa. They're very helpful and will likely assist you.

    yeah, im so dumb I start a script and select a Rellekka Crabs Pro. & Shows me a tribot limit, I'm doing something wrong. Yeaaaaaaaaa

  2. Ok First,

    No scripts at all are being made, there outdated espesically the ones that have been bought.

    Ive bought the RELLEKKA Crabs Pro a few months ago and its outdated, and i only got to use it for 2-3 hours because of the limit.

    The limit states that you CANNOT bot over 3 hrs in this many days on a FREE script, it doesn't say anything about PREMIUM script.

    If you bought a premium script you should be able to bot unlimited amount of hours and not be limited? I understand that if you use free scripts you can get a limit, but not if you are using a premium script?



    Are you on something mind altering?


    Buy vip if you want to bot, it implements a lot of mouse features which are not available for free users i think, always read comments about the script to find out if it's being updated, check the banned thread for info about ban rates etc. Once you see a good script, make note of the scripter as he is probably maintaining all his other scripts. Common sense really...


    > Not VIP

    > Can't use free scripts much

    > Wants no time limit or free VIP



    Something seems fishy...

  3. Tribot seems to be dead, no script writers are coding scripts. Scripts that have been bought are outdated, etc. There has to be something to do to get most of the players back, maybe taking off the time limit, or giving free VIP for a week.

  4. If you want to be able to run the Tribot client without any limitations, you need at least VIP. I'd recommend VIP extended though. Extra $2 for many perks :)

    wats the point of buying scripts than? If you need vip.?

  5. Free users can only not a certain time on free scripts but I'm using a premium one and still get timed and can't start a script. Fix please? When I click start script it shows that I used my free time up but I'm using a premium script? :s

  6. Can anyone please make a lumbridge chickens script that is anti ban and has proggies. I'm using TRIChickens it randomly goes out of the coop after like 4 hrs of bot, I need longer than this... Also antiban would be appreciated too. Just the bot checking it's stats.


    Note: Sometimes its less than 4 hours.. Never longer.

  7. man are you stupid.... he has 82 feedbacks.... he is more than trusted.... i trust him with atleast 10m 07 doesnt matter if he done mm trades he has 82feedbacks more than enough

    I really don't look at feedback, I look at vouches the most, he can have postive feedback doesn't mean hes trusted, he can just have friends who give him feedback or talk to them and both of them give each other a positive feedback, vouches are most important in sales.

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