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  1. That would be wonderful!
  2. Request: - Tab Maker Description: - Makes tabs, has yanille, & remmington, can bank and teleports to your house. Payment Amount: - $0 It would really nice if it was for free but if not I can pay like $3. Payment Type: - Via PayPal Time: - Asap would be really good. End time would be like 3 days. Additional: - Anything else you'd like to say.
  3. I'm needing a fishing script for F2P Karamja I do not want to sell raw lobster's for 60 gp ea to the general store.. And the bank is near Draynar, so you have to take a boat there, and I would LOVE for someone to make a script fishing lobster's & go take a boat to Draynor and bank the lobster's. I'm willing to pay a couple $ for the script.
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