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  1. Nice to read it's still working pretty decently. I am going to be using the script myself this weekend and see how quickly I can get some broken things working again.
  2. Hi, as per my last reply, the script hasn't been updated in a long time. During the Summer I have played some RuneScape and setup everything for scripting again. Looking to release a new version at some point in the future.
  3. For the two replies: This script has always been promising and I think it was a clever approach to creating your own scripts. I want to fix my fighter script first, once that is done I think this one is next to be updated and expanded with new features. Sorry, but no ETA. JJ
  4. Hi all, Short update, unfortunately have not had time to dive into scripting again. Now that I don't play RuneScape and neither do my friends, the only reason to get back into it is for scripting. I still want to make some scripts that have never been made before and with the knowledge I have gained since the last release my scripts I have confidence I can make it happen. But the problem is that I should probably first fix my existing scripts before starting something new. Which will likely take quite some time. With Summer coming up, I think I'll have some more free time and get into fix
  5. No I am definitely going to try and fix this script! I have been playing some RuneScape lately to figure out what has changed. This is such a big script it will take a lot of hours to properly update. I will likely start with a smaller script to get going again.
  6. Hello, when are u going to update? :)

    1. J~J


      I do not have an ETA but you can expect a working script from me by March at latest. Might not be JJ's Fighter.

  7. Hi all, it would help if more information could be provided to let me know which actions or features are outdated. I still think this kind of script is very promising, although it might be challenging to get away without a ban. I am evaluating my scripts now and this is one I want to improve at one point.
  8. Hi all, not sure how the state of herblore scripts is right now. I will be evaluating that, if there is room for an updated JJ's Herblore I might make it happen in 2019.
  9. Hey @godslayerz and others that have replied! Actually, yes! I do plan on returning. I had so many obligations that I simply did not have any time for any RuneScape related activities. But I have now finished my studies and have a structured work schedule that leaves me with quite a bit of spare time. I wanted to post something last week but didn't have my old phone which has the Authenticator app on it. Going to transfer that now and read about the latest TRiBot changes and updates.
  10. Guest

    • Guest
    • J~J

    Banned for using JJ's herblore- has no variance in his script. Was detected within an hour.


    Account was stationed in Grand Exchange(Invisible) under 100s of people in world 2.

  11. Once the update is out I'll gather feedback from current users for a while before allowing sales again. Yes, although I still have a list of features which I wanted to add at one point. I am going through all the updates and see what has changed, the list will be re-evaluated to see what should be added first.
  12. Hey @gabrielspecterand others. My estimation of February was too optimistic. I got the key of my new place to live on February 1st and spent all my spare time during the month on renovating and buying furniture, decorations, etc. When I moved abroad 1.5 years ago I sold almost everything I owned, and underestimated how long it would take to get up & running. The good news is that after last weekend I am now fully settled! I just made my account p2p again and must say that I am enjoying RuneScape again. An update will be coming "soon" and I also really want to fully finish version 19.0
  13. Hi everyone, First of all I would like to apologize for being away for quite a while. TRiBot has been a side project for a long time, but in recent years I started to add more side projects like developing apps for startups and running a webshop. I thought I had no limits, but recent months all the work piled up so high that I was no longer able to fulfill all this work. Especially given that while doing all this I am also a full-time student needing to spend 30+ hours a work on university assignments. Anyways, I ended up dropping RuneScape in recent months and transferred future dev
  14. When can we plan on the bot being openned again?

  15. can you open script for sale please, I'm about $30 in and have not been able to bot combat successfully your script seems to be the best

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