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  1. Love halloween, personally i feel that i am a little too old to dress up but, i love watching the kids go at it. Since i'm older i just sit outside and hand out candy depending on the weather. I live in the east coast of us (boston). Tends to get a bit chilly here so sometimes i stay out or just wait til about 9 o'clock as kids come and go. Typically we spend about 180-200 on candy a year, some might say that's a lot but no candy is ever left over! Thanks to the kids and a little bit of me helping .
  2. Think of a bot as a human, Humans when they play runescape they take breaks. Therefore my advice is don't bot for 2 days straight.
  3. Bought this script a few days ago, highly recommend it to anyone who wants a good smithing script. Side note: Running a few suicide accounts to try and break the 101 hours straight proggie . Currently 6 out of 8 running at 30ish hours
  4. I just had this issue myself, i just loaded up a separate tribot client for that 1 barrows account i was running, before i did this, the bot was picking up the loadout for my other accounts. Hope this helps.
  5. Testing out the trial, works for me. i'm trying to buy the 5$ a month for all auths but i can't find it on the respiratory if you can take a quick look and fix that maybe?
  6. All good i'm making a host now i will let you know if i have any issues.
  7. So i tried to run the host with everything you added below and that's my only account banned right now, i got a two day banned. Although i think it's because the account just sits there, unfortunate lol. Is there a way you could test it and give us a way for us to actually host our bot farms? thank you!
  8. This is also what i'm trying to figure out, i can't get the host to work, also my accounts go in the house then teleport out and run back not sure whats going on.
  9. Going to test it out right now. Will be back soon with feedback. Edit: Gets stuck on tutorial island where it asks "if you're new or a older player coming back"
  10. I really like this bot, i would be looking at 20-30 accounts to start off with, would i need a proxy for each of them? i would also be running the accounts for 14 days then retiring them.
  11. Is there a way we can add it to mage the barrows brothers with "fire blast" lvl 59 mage. thanks.
  12. are you still selling? dm me i'll buy it for .68 cents per mil.
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