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  1. Makes sense you used 1 of tri's scripts I have gotten countless accounts banned from his scripts.
  2. This comment was in regards to the bot miss clicking. I've had some scripts that will miss click on bank because it tries to click to fast.
  3. Is there any way to disable artificially intelligent anti-ban? Just curious if there is a setting to disable it so I can continue to use the script I had made for me to do randoms when I'm to lazy to whilst playing .
  4. Yeah don't comment anymore if you don't know what nmz is.
  5. @Worthy I tried but it writes whit text of the mob names hitting me and tries to run away edit: just happens with tree spirit but still cant do it.
  6. @Worthy It wont log out for 6 hours in combat and I plan on doing it for a good 24-48 hours straight because it isn't against rules to afk guthans in nmz but it will be really suspicious if the bot is interacting with the game to turn camera every 5 minutes for 48 hours straight. Ill be moving my mouse every 5ish hours to stop auto log out.
  7. @Druid Thanks for the fast reply so is it fully possible I could sit in the GUI of a random script indefinitely with the intention of it just doing anti randoms if my bot some how dies in nightmare zone? edit: Never mind I just tried and the bot tries to run away my bad I should of tested before I made thread. Do you think you could make me a quick 2 minute script that does absolutely nothing but idle in case of random events xD? Eriko was kind enough to make me 1 but he put anti random turning in that I don't want. I want the script to completely afk for 6 hours and only do random events if it gets them.
  8. Hey I noticed if I run a script but don't start it (sit idle in GUI) it will put my bank pin in does that mean it will also do randoms like I imagine it would? Also if anyone knows what attack style is best for afk guthans nmz. Maybe some of the monster types are vulnerable to stab or another mode gives bigger stat boost? Sorry for noob questions xd
  9. refz

    Trio AIO combat

    Hi just wondering how long I'm going to have to wait to get a refund thanks.
  10. refz

    Trio AIO combat

    Yes the random event was solved fine but your bot fucked up after completing it. The bot thought it teleported but was still in dragon room so it tried to run from the back of dungeon to the front but instantly got stuck on the gate. No anti-stuck or attempt to teleport again just stuck for hours till I stopped script.
  11. Yeah he really needs to test his own scripts for longer than 10 minutes this problem occured within 15 for me. Every problem I have ever encountered always happens around 15-30 minutes so I doubt he is even testing his own scripts.
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