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  1. Question regarding the client starter, Trilez stated there was an option for scripters to implement something so the client starter would automatically complete gui and start botting. Don't mind my ignorance if i'm just unaware of the method in which the gui section of the client starter is completed(script command).
  2. During the death walk the bot usually goes to lumbridge bank and stands there . On another note the bot sometime gets stuck banking in rimmington, will be random and fixed itself after some manual clicking.
  3. Ran script overnight and woke up to a broken pickaxe. Was infront of bank, some other instances running didn't run into that problem so i'm assuming there mite be some flaws in the broken pickaxe portion of the script ^^. Some things to add/fix: -add deathwalk -avoid combat-this seems to be the biggest problem atm -improve broken pickaxe detection -all accounts ran shutoff at around ~35 mining and logged out at east varrock
  4. Looking forward to trying soon ^^, let's see how well the extra knowledge effects the script effectiveness. Edit: The script doesn't avoid combat, specifically varrock west clay mugger. Would really appreciate a death walker that goes back to mining location after death.^^
  5. Will be trying out soon ^^, does it watch for smoking rocks and watch for broken pick?
  6. Going to be testing in a couple of hours to see if updated and i'll get back to you and how it goes. I know this may be asking quite a bit of you, but is there any chance you could implement some sort of account creation option, would make this script alot better(although it is the best tutorial island bot on tribot forums currently as all the other ones haven't been updated). Again not trying to add any unnecessary coding on your part just a suggestion and personal request as it would save alot of time manually creating accounts.
  7. Ye i realize it is a bit much just giving feedback on my experience with the bot. A major problem that i experience with this script is that it will click an item like shrimp or the bread and than right click it followed by some mouse movement than it repeats that process. Not sure if its a script problem, a client problem, or a problem from my side. Note that this happen frequently but not on all of the bots. I've noticed it during the cooking and smithing parts. The script gets stuck in alot of other places such as the gate and sometimes the doors. Again this may be something with client or my rig.
  8. made over 40 accounts with this script, groups of around 7 accounts were linked to a single ip within different virtual machines and computers and they all got banned after tutorial(not immediately but couple hours later). Also a side note: the bot fails to cook shrimp for the second time and bake the bread within tutorial island due to constantly attempting to click the object(shrimp/bread).-Not sure if client issue or script issue ^^. Wondering how you've created so many accounts without any ban.
  9. The tutorial island portion of the bot only works up until you need to speak to the combat instructor that gives you the weapon and shield. It simply stands there with the dialogue open and doesn't check stats or equip armour.
  10. Has this problem been looked at or resolved?
  11. Interesting, thanks for the posts ^^.
  12. I myself have a gtx 680, i7, watercooling, 8gb of ram, and a 2tb hard drive. I haven't botted much at all on this rig and would like to know how your rig handles bots, osbot and others as well. How many bots do you guys/gals run at a time?: How much CPU usage in terms of total percentage: How long do you run bots without overheating pc: What are your computer specs?: If using another bot other than top bot write it down: Thx How many bots do you guys run at a time?: How much CPU usage in terms of total percentage: How long do you run bots without overheating pc: What are your computer specs?: If using another bot other than top bot write it down: Thx
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