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  1. Hi, I will send you a request on Skype!
  2. Sold me 4m 07 again , he went first, thank you John! Orders a lot from my questing service too, again thanks! ~Lewis.
  3. Sold me 6.1m 07, he went first, thank you John! Orders a lot from my questing service too, again thanks! ~Lewis.
  4. Welcome back to TRiBot! I hope you enjoy your stay. If you need any help feel free to PM me or add me on Skype! @LightifyLife ~Lewis.
  5. I have no idea why I do it, It's just a habbit I have come across. ~Lewis.
  6. The premium scripts you have to pay for, you have to pay for regardless of VIP or not, with VIP it lets you run unlimited free scripts which are created by scripters here on TRiBot. ~Lewis.
  7. LewisXD


    Try adding the card to your PayPal account then link your TRiBot to your PayPal account, note - You can only have one PayPal account per TRiBot account. ~Lewis.
  8. Add me on Skype mate, I'll buy some - Skype = QuesterLewis
  9. LewisXD


    Has the payment gone from your PayPal? It can take a few minutes for it to go and then a few minutes for the credits to appear, patience is key my friend. Good luck though. ~Lewis.
  10. LewisXD

    Credit Purchase

    Have you ever purchased credits before? If you try to use a different card on the same account it comes up as fraudulent.
  11. You should of clicked on this - And then followed the instructions on screen as this would of made purchasing credits with PayPal possible, however since you have done this, I don't think they will transfer them from his account to yours because for all we know he could be a customer and you want to sell all of them to him, I'm not accusing you of anything just a possible outcome that could of occured.
  12. I bot flax every weekend and I never receive bans even on the following Monday (I run 6-8 accounts) but before I do I always transfer all my cash to my gold selling account incase, but I've ran these bots for well over 3 months without any bans occuring and one of them is 94 crafting.
  13. About to swap with Bogla & Co, I know it's going to be perfect as always!
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