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  1. Thanks for script. Got 99 str with it all the way. Keep up da good work
  2. Well i got 99 wc few days ago Tenx for script.
  3. Little proggy Had to reset Tribot client after this. Will post 24h soon.
  4. Script somehow failed on death. It was standing at north of goblins doin nothing. Couldnt get it to continue running after this so i had to restart it. Hopefully one day i will get 100h proggy.
  5. Yep it's 76 att 94 str 70 def Using this for like 1+month 24/7 . Switching between man killer and Al Kharid warriors.
  6. I was cuttin magics at sorc garden and somehow bot ended up here : . And this already happened few times today. Status chaning between webwaking and new object delay.
  7. Idk bout searching for new axe in bank because i'm using dragon axe and cant risk so much
  8. Again lost my axe In the debug it just says : No axe found, and then script stops. It don't detect ent's id Yea i know u already told us u only have 1 ID .
  9. I have the recording randoms in client enabled but where can i find the records ? EDIT: Script does NOT work atm. Rs was just updated
  10. I'm cutting magics at Sorc. And it always fails ent but i dont babysit the script so i cant see the ID's . Also i got banned at 96 wc using this script from 1-96 :=)
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