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  1. Yeah, I bet Anyhow, its best and seems to be also the only script on the market which really works with butlers and mahogany tables!
  2. Imo, otherwise very awesome script based on the trial, but I dont understand why it doesnt let butler hold on planks while constructing, as it eats away good 200k xp/H doing mahogany tables? Script wastes 6-7 seconds waiting for the butler to get planks, just standing still. You could be constructing while waiting for planks, if script would tell butler to un-note planks straight after it brings one inventory.
  3. I just bought the script and started it on camelot bank, while its running to skeletons, the walking is very botlike, keeps clicking almost every second on the minimap. Will edit this post when the script will run for longer. E#1: Timer between clicks when trying to get to correct spot should be bit longer, the script keeps clicking multiple times over the same spot and then misclicks off the correct spot and cycle starts again. It will correct itself after some time.
  4. E: Trying to kill fire giants on slayer dungeon, it keeps trying to attack baby black dragons even when they arent selected. And doesnt loot rune arrows while they sure cost more than 200gp, as they are dropped in +10 stacks. Any help?
  5. This has to be troll, rite guys? RITE???
  6. Spam clicks pretty much for me when walking to the shapes. Am I doing something wrong? Otherwise great script, thanks for it!
  7. Could you maybe give us ability to give the script certain tasks, like: 1. Cut 1000 sapphires 2. create 1000 sapphire rings It would help alot on some things, could you make it happen?
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