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  1. Keeping this post short. Recently came back to playing runescape (OSRS), been doing a lot of AFK training on main so I was looking to start doing services in the meantime. I'll do (almost) anything, and at a reasonable price. ACCEPTING 07GP ONLY. NO EXCEPTIONS Post or PM requests, prices negotiable.
  2. Edited post and replied to your PM, it comes from the equation representing the hypotenuse line [y = 4 - (x/2) ] and replacing 'x' with 'a' and 'y' with 'b' If b = 4 - a/2 is not satisfied the intersection will not be on the hypotenuse
  3. a = 4.8 b = 1.6 a:b has to be 3:1 The triangle has a height of 4 and a base of 8. Every 2 units moved along the base, 1 unit is moved down the height. This relationship describes the slope of the hypotenuse. If the triangle's right angle corner was placed at the origin of an x-y plot, the equation to describe the hypotenuse would be: y = 4 - (x/2) 'y' represents the distance along the height and 'x' represents the distance along the base. Just replace them with 'b' and 'a' respectively. b = 4 - (a/2) This relationship has to be met otherwise the intersection point of the lines draw
  4. roflme

    Buying 2M 07GP

    Edit: Bought
  5. roflme

    Buying bond

    Buying a single bond for 1.3M You must go first, I'm in an awkward "my account with the money isn't a member" situation so I can't really go first... Add me on skype please: roflme.rs ASK FOR PM Thank you!
  6. Will have to talk to you on skype (probably won't be for a while since I'm disgustingly busy this week) but I can't get it to run stably for an hour. Sometimes it gets a few clues done before just standing still, other times it can't even solve one.
  7. Says do not disturb. I think its just impossible for us to get on at the same time lol. Oh well, I'll keep trying. I'd love to finally switch over from other scripts to this script
  8. PMed you and added you on skype, just bought the script and I'm trying to buy an item pack off you but you're never on skype
  9. When I was running one bot, I went on for like three bonds straight just nearly 24/7 cutting yews at catherby with Texans Chopper
  10. bought a bond really fast and smooth trade
  11. The best moneymaking method is one you find on your own.
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