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  1. ive been trying to verify my email also it already verified but i cant use it to payy since it wants me to reverify it? what can i do to get my account verified again the emails dont show up on my account
  2. i have an elite clue i ned to train thieveing on, my accoutn has one previous ban and i dont wann get permed. is this bot somewhat safe if i bot this liuke 3 hours at a time?
  3. Just did my cape while i went to sleep, Great guy fast to start and known him for long time! If you're looking for reliable caper don't hesitate to use Him!
  4. used it last night and owke up 2 a 2day right after like 1 hour of using this on my main, im happy it was 2day because i bought like 150m on it lol
  5. hey mate amazing script, only thing id want it to do to make it more better is to fix the clues id since it doesn't loot them. i think that there ids got switched when they changed the names to clue scroll (medium).
  6. Yea i told him to redeem my other auths but for some reason i guess i forgot this one. anyways thanks for cleaning up the answer.
  7. hey texan i bought this script off zainy long time ago back in july, i talked to him a couple days ago about trying to redeem it but he says i cant as the respiratory system wont let me or something :/ im just wonder if there anything possible to get the script back as i dont have any gp or money atm to buy it again and really wanna get my void back. Thanks Texan.
  8. can i have an auth i want to train range, thanks
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