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  1. 2 hours of babysitting and then 1 hour while I was gone. My Auto Realiate is (Off) --- Feels like it runs much better without it. So in my opinion, that is recommended to turn off. Well worth the 5 bucks. (btw, all my points is from this script, so nearly full void range in no time..)
  2. Tried the 30 min trial 1-2 days ago, worked just fine, so I bought it today. For now I'm gonna babysit and come back later with a review. And yeah, I have a request, could you make the script use the middle mouse button? that would be nice.
  3. Bought this script for a few hours ago.. and got no problems. But can you fix that the bot can click on "Enter Wilderness"?
  4. Thanks. Good script tho! Have been using this bot for a few hours with no problems. But you should take a look here: "Fishes caught: 6", but "XP gained is 3510". I dont think that's right. Not a big problem, just thought you wanted to know about it.
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